Online permit purchase

Frequently Asked Questions about the online permit purchase process



When will 2022 permits be available for purchase?

MOTORIZED SOLD OUT for the 2022-2023 season. 

Permit sale date for the 2023-2024 season will be released in early March of 2023.


How do I purchase a permit online/ what information do I need?

Links to purchasing permits are located at the bottom of the page. Click on the link to the permit you would like to purchase. Click "add to cart" to begin the purchase process.  Follow the instructions and move through the screens.  All purchasers will be required to electronically sign a liability waiver and verify that they have read the rules & regulations for the permit being purchased.

You have 15 minutes to complete your transaction, so make sure you have all the information close at hand.

You will need your driver's license number, your spouses' drivers license number if they will be on the permit, vehicle make, model, color, year, license plate number and your auto insurance company name and policy number. You will be required to put in your email address.  If your children under 19 years old will be on your permit, you must also have their names and birth dates.

You may request a second vehicle sticker when you purchase your permit.  To do this, you will need the vehicle make, model, color, year, license plate number and auto insurance information for the second vehicle.

**non-motorized is a similar process minus the vehicle information. The individual day requires a date for use while individual/family year do not require a date but do require family information.

PAYPAL IS NOT REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT, they are simply the host. 


What can I expect after I buy a permit?

After you purchase a permit, an email will be sent to you confirming your purchase with a link to your permit.  Depending on traffic on the website, it may take some time for the link to show your permit number; initially the permit number may show as pending.  Once the 4-digit permit number is assigned, please print out a copy of the permit to carry with you while on the property.

Motorized permit purchasers will receive a map, key, and windshield sticker(s) by US Priority Mail to their street address or PO Box. We will do our best to get packets mailed quickly. IT IS YOUR JOB TO VERIFY RECIEPT. If you do not verify within 60 days, it is grounds for us to refund your packet if it went missing in the shipping process. The same process goes for second stickers or updated permits, please verify receipt or we can/will refund your permit. We allow 30 days for USPS and if the packet/permit has not been received we will refund.

Non-motorized permit purchasers need to print out a copy of their permit to carry with them and a second copy to place on the dash of your vehicle if you are parking on or near the property.  Non-motorized permit holders do not receive a map or key. 


Can I buy a permit from the store or in person?

Permits are only available for sale online through this website.


What if I don’t have a computer to buy a permit?

Public computers are available at many libraries.  We hope that the recreation guests who are less comfortable with online purchases will utilize a family member or friend to help them through the process.


 What happens to the personal information that is given when I buy a permit?

Your personal information will be protected and not sold for any reason.  Your name, address and vehicle information will be shared with security and select law enforcement personnel. Credit card information is secured through PayPal.

Your email address will be used to return your receipt and permit for printing and after that only when it is necessary to contact you about emergency closures such as for high fire danger, changes in the recreation access program or if there are specific issues on the particular property where your permit is purchased.  It is critical that we have your correct email address.