Motorized Recreation Access

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorized Recreation Access

When can I buy a permit?

Permit sale date for the 2023-2024 season will be released in early March of 2023.


What if I have a question?

Read the FAQ's and rules and regulations for your permit; motorized or non-motorized. If your question wasn't addressed in the rules and/or FAQ's, use the Contact Us tab. 


What can I expect when I buy a permit on line?

After you purchase a permit, an email receipt/ permit will be sent to you.  You MUST print this page to carry with you.  We will mail you a key, windshield sticker for your vehicle and a map of the area as well as tags to mark loads of firewood.


What if I didn't receive the permit email or I cannot find it?

Please check your "junk" email folder. Try unblocking or changing your security settings to allow email delivery. If neither of those resulted in your permit delivery, please request a copy to be emailed to you. 


How do I add a second vehicle to my permit?

There are two options for adding a second vehicle to your permit.  1) The preferred way is to add your second vehicle at the time of purchase or 2) on the homepage of the website under the ‘Request Second Sticker’ tab.


What if I sell my vehicle or get my windshield replaced?

You may request a new sticker by email or online by clicking on Contact Us.  See above.  Please specify why you are requesting the new sticker. If you are requesting a sticker to replace a vehicle, please give new vehicle information and which current vehicle you will be replacing.


How does the family permit work?

Permits are for married spouses and their children under age 19.  Other family members and friends must have their own permit.  Children who are age 18 at the time of permit purchase but will turn 19 during the year may be included on the parent's permit.


Can I bring a friend or other adult family member?

Every person that is not an immediate family member under age 19 must have their own permit, even if they are riding with a permit holder.


Can I buy a permit from a store or in person?

Permits are only available for sale online through this website.


What if I don’t have a computer to buy a permit?

Public computers are available at many libraries.  We hope that the recreation guests who are less comfortable with online purchases will utilize a family member or friend to help them through the process.


What happens to the personal information that is given when I buy a permit?

Your personal information will be protected and not sold for any reason.  Your name, address and vehicle information will be shared with security and select law enforcement personnel only. Credit card information will be secured through PayPal.


How do you decide how many permits to sell?

The number of permits available is based on the number of acres that are accessible under the recreation program and is in­tended to accommodate demand for permits while maintaining a high quality recreation experience. 


Do I need to sign in at the gate?

Yes, sign-in cards are available at the gates or you may also print your sign-in page online and drop it in the box as you enter the property.  Motorized permit holders MUST sign in.  Non-motorized permit do not need to sign in.


What if I do not drive, but want to ride with my friend or I am over age 19 and want to ride with a family member?

You will need your own motorized recreation access permit.  If you know that you will not be driving, you may check the passenger only box and you will not need to provide vehicle and insurance information.


What about fire season?

The weather is impossible to predict, but almost every year we can count on days or weeks of ‘fire weather’ or weather where the fuel moisture is low.  We have a responsibility to protect the property, so there will likely be times during the summer and/or fall when the property is completely closed.  Please see the website home page for updated infor­mation on closures.  Information regarding re-opening the property is available only on the recreation access website.


Can I access Snoqualmie Forest  without a permit if I am using non-motorized access like hiking, bicycling or horseback riding?

A permit is required for all access including hiking, walking, horseback riding and bicycling.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions under non-motorized access. 


What is allowed in Wildlife Escapement Areas (WEA)?

Non-motorized recreation only. The gates may be open for forest management but NO MOTORIZED recreation access is allowed. 


Can I pick up a non-motorized permit holder and give them a ride?

Non-motorized permit holders may not ride in any motorized vehicle while on the property.  Both the non-motorized permit and motorized permit will be revoked if a non-motorized permit holder is riding with a motorized permit holder.


What do I do to cut firewood?

Up to five cords of firewood may be cut with a motorized access permit when wood is available. Firewood may be cut from April 1st to May 31th and from October 16th to March 30th.  Only down material from designated areas may be cut.  NO standing trees may be cut.  Loads must be tagged with firewood tags that come with your permit.  Please see the Rules & Regulations for a complete explanation.


Can I hunt, fish or trap?

Yes! All state laws must be obeyed regarding seasons, licenses, tags and other regulations.   Successful hunters must fill out a game harvest card either at the gate as they exit the property or online.   


Can I target shoot?

No! Firearms are to be used for hunting during state-set hunting seasons only.  See Rules and Regulations for details.


Can I ride my dirt bike, ATVs or snowmobile?

No motorcycles, snowmobiles or ATVs are permitted, even if they are street legal. Motorcycles, ATVs or snowmobiles cannot be on the property, even in the back of a pick-up or on a trailer. 



Can I build a campfire or cook over a barbeque?

No campfires or briquette barbeques are allowed.


Can I cut a Christmas tree?

No trees may be cut for any purpose.


Is there special access for handicapped hunters?

Handicapped hunters are welcome to hunt during state hunting seasons with a recreation access permit.  If the handicapped hunter requires assistance to accompany them, the hunter and the individual assisting must make an appointment with Campbell Global office.  The hunter must bring a copy of his or her Washington State disabled hunting license, placard along with the individual accompaning him.  A waiver must be signed in person to be on the property.  To make an appointment, email us at  If the aid wants to hunt, he or she must have their own recreation access permit.


Can I purchase maps separately?

Maps are not available for purchase separately.  Commercial maps called ‘Green Trail’ maps are available at many outdoor stores and online.


What if I lose my key or permit?

Lost or stolen keys cannot be replaced.  Permits may be reprinted by us or yourself if needed.


Can we host an organized event on the property?  (i.e.: horseback riding event, cross-country run, mountain bike event, etc.)

Permits are for personal use only.  Organized events require a special permit and insurance to cover the event.  Fee's are required. Use Contact Us tab on the home page for inquiries.


Can I use my recreation access permit in order to do research?

Permits are for personal use only.  All research requires a study plan and special permit for access.  For more information, contact us at


What if permits sell out before I purchase mine?

Per­mits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additional permits will not be sold.  Purchase your permit early!


What do I do with my key at the end of the season?

Keys are not reused, they are yours to keep at the end of season. 


What happens if I break the rules?

In order to maintain the privilege of using private property for recreational access, all rules and regulations must be followed and are strictly enforced. If you are caught breaking the rules, your permit will be revoked at least for the remainder of the season and possibly longer.