Non-motorized Recreation Access

Frequently Asked Questions about Non-motorized Recreation Access

What if I have a question?

Read the FAQ's and rules and regulations for your permit; motorized or non-motorized. If your question wasn't addressed in the rules and/or FAQ's, use the Contact Us tab.


What can I do while on the property?

You are welcome to walk, run, hike, ride a bicycle, horse or mule, walk the dog, photograph wildlife, hunt, fish, picnic, pick berries, etc. on existing roads and trails.  You may not target shoot and you may not build new trails. You may not ride in a vehicle with a motorized recreation access permit holder. Camping is NOT allowed. Ever. 


Why are there individual and family permits?

In an effort to keep permit costs down, we are offering a permit for individuals who may want to hike, bicycle or horseback ride on the property as well as a family permit that is for married spouses and their children less than age 19.


What can I expect when I purchase a permit?

You will receive an email that will serve as your receipt and permit for access.  You MUST print out two copies.  Carry one copy with you while on the property and the other copy is to put on the dash of your vehicle if you are parking near the property.  Be prepared to show your permit and photo ID when you are asked by law enforcement, security or Campbell Global personnel.


What if I didn't receive the permit email or I cannot find it?

Please check your "junk" email folder. Try unblocking or changing your security settings to allow email delivery. If neither of those resulted in your permit delivery, please request a copy to be emailed to you. 


Do non-motorized users need to fill out a sign-in card?

No!  Sign-in cards are for motorized users only and are at the motorized access gates.  Non-motorized users can access the property from any location provided they are not crossing other private property without permission.  


How long is the permit valid?

The permit season runs April 1, #### to March 30th, ####. Annual permits are valid from the date of purchase, after April 1st, through the following March 30th.  Permit holders will need a new permit starting April 1st of each year.


Can we maintain existing trails on the property?

Existing trails can be maintained as long as the following rules are followed:

Rules for maintaining trails authorized by and on lands managed by Campbell Global

  1. Hand tools such as clippers, shovels, rakes, etc. may be used.
  2. Down wood may be cut only if it is safe, no standing trees or snags may be cut.
  3. Seedlings and saplings may not be damaged.
  4. No ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, or e-bikes etc are allowed.
  5. No smoking or warming fires.
  6. No building of jumps or similar structures.
  7. Trail bridge construction will adhere to the USFS Region 6 Trail Bridge Standard and  must be approved in writing by Campbell Global.  Other permits may be required.
  8. All trash must be removed from the premises.
  9. All work is at individual’s own risk.
10. Accidents must be reported to Campbell Global immediately at For emergencies, call 911.


Can we build new trails?



What is allowed in Wildlife Escapement Areas (WEA)?

Non-motorized recreation access only. The gates may be open for forest management activities but NO MOTORIZED recreation access is allowed.


Can I pick berries and mushrooms?

You may pick berries and mushrooms for personal use only.


Can I build a campfire?



If I harvest game, do I need to fill out a game harvest card?

Yes, a game harvest card must be filled out. You may do so by printing out the online game harvest card or fill out a card at any recreation access gate kiosks.


Where can I get to the property?

Many public roads and trails border the Snoqualmie Forest as can be seen on the map.  Please respect the private property rights of others and do not cross their property to get to Campbell Global property unless you have permission.


Can we host an organized event on the property?  (i.e.: horseback riding event, cross-country run, mountain bike event, etc.)

Permits are for personal use only.  Organized events require a special permit and insurance to cover the event. Fee's are required. Use the Contact Us tab for inquiries. 


Can I hike or ride my bike onto the property in order to do research?

Permits are for personal use only.  All research requires a study plan and special permit for access.  For more information, email


What happens if I break the rules?

In order to maintain the priviledge of using private property for recreational access, all rules and regulations must be followed and are strictly enforced. If you are caught breaking the rules, your permit will be revoked at least for the remainder of the season and possibly longer.