What's new?


What’s new in 2020?

The changes this year will be an increase in the cost of the non-motorized and day use permits.  We have also increased the number of motorized permits to be sold to 800. Please read below for details.


Permit sales –

The cost of motorized permits will remain $275, but the amount of permits sold will increase to 800.  

The price for non-motorized access permits will increase. The prices are $60 for an annual individual or family permit, $10 for a day-use individual permit and $15 for a day-use family permit. 


Wildlife Escapement Areas –

There are some new gated Wildlife Escapement Areas (please see map). No vehicle access is allowed in these areas. Walk-in Hunting is allowed.


Firewood –

Early season is now extended from April 1st until May 31st.   This remains the same.


Camping at  Snoqualmie –

No camping permits will be issued for the 2020 season.