What's new?


What’s new in 2019?

The only change this year will be an increase in the cost of the motorized permits.  Please read below for details.


Permit sales –

The cost of motorized permits will increase to $275, but the amount of permits sold will remain at 750.  The cost of supplies for the packets, mailing and security have increased and the price of permits has stayed the same for the last five years making this increase necessary.

The price for non-motorized access permits will remain the same. The prices are $50 for an annual individual or family permit, $8 for a day-use individual permit and $15 for a day-use family permit. 


Wildlife Escapement Areas –

There are no new gated Wildlife Escapement Areas. No vehicle access is allowed in these areas. Walk-in Hunting is allowed.


Firewood –

Early season is now extended from April 1st until May 31st.   This remains the same.


Camping at  Snoqualmie –

No camping permits will be issued for the 2019 season.